EternalRocks Malware is More Dangerous Than Ransomeware Malware

You must have heard the name of WannaCry ransomware. Recently this ransomware came in millions of computers in hundreds of countries. Among these were the most Windows computers. This was allegedly a tool developed by the NSA, which hackers have used to earn money by stole it.

The danger of WannaCry ransomware is not that there is a similar malware that has come up. Its name is being called EternalRocks. The special thing is that this ransomeware also has been developed by the American National Security Agency.


what is ransomeware malware
What is Ransomeware

EternalRocks is also dangerous because the Researchers believe that it uses the seven hacking tools of the NSA to spread from one computer to another. These include EternalBlue, EternalChampion, Eternalsynergy, Doublepulsar, Architouch and SMBTouch.

It is worth noting that in April, the hacking tool of the NSA was allegedly leaked by the hacker group named Shadow Breaker. After this, the group also threatened that the data will be dumped over the next few months.

How Malware Works

The way this ransomeware works is a little different. Because it infects the system in the first stage and downloads the tor network. The second stage of the attack starts after 24 hours when the command and the control server responds. Late attack is a trick, so it is difficult for the system to detect it.

Some Cyber Security Experts believe that this malware called Eternal Rocks is also dangerous to WannaCry because it has no weakness. The most frightening is that it does not have a kill switch through which resourcers rely on malware. The reason for this is that it starts working 24 hours after coming into the computer so that it can not be stopped.



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