10 Ways to Avoid The Largest Cyber Attack Worldwide

There has been a major cyber attack once again in the world including India. Virus such as ‘Wannacry ransomware’ have taken the world into its grip. Due to this cyber attack, the work of 20 big companies of the world, including the Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT), the largest Mumbai-based container port, stalled. There are a few ways to avoid this cyber attack, read here …

1. This virus will have less effect on those who use computers at home. Vanakrai has targeted the business network through the no-upgraded windows. For those who use Windows at home, this will not be a danger.

2. The office or institute who has been hit by this ransomware and those who do not have backup files unlocked in any drive other than the computer, then unfortunately now they have lost them. That is why files need to be backed up in a different drive or machine. If Wanakrae is in your computer then it is possible to delete it, though the process is not easy.

3. According to a technical support website Bleeping Computer, computers have to download some programs to clean up this virus.

4. Hackers hack the system by inserting this virus into a computer through a link to gifts, offers, sex videos, gaming etc. on the Internet. Once hacking, it is not possible to get rid of it.

5. To avoid this attack, create passwords for your online account that are difficult to decode. How To Protect Yourself From Ransomware Cyber ​​Attack

6. If you are using the old Windows operating system such as XP, 8 or Vista, then update it. Microsoft has released special security patches.

7. Security experts say that before opening open rar, jeep or similar compresses file with any kind of mail, make sure that it is correct. Do not try to unknowingly open mail or lottery related mails in any way.

8. Immediately update anti-virus, anti-phishing, anti-malware in your system. The final suggestion is to think again hundreds of times before opening any unwanted mail or unintentional link of a website.

9. Do not use the computer on which more than one user sits. Also, do not use public Wi-Fi, it would be better.

10. Let me tell you that usually many malware, which we often call viruses, enter your computer incorrectly. Often their aim is to either steal or erase the data on your computer. But Ransomware locks your data as ‘encrypt’ in your system. The user can not access the data contained in it until he ransom it to ‘unlock’ it. This malware spreads via email.


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