Is the social media website tracking you even after logging out of Facebook? Such allegations are already on Facebook. Social media giants have also been sued for this.

According to a report from The Guardian, a lawsuit against Facebook has said that Facebook’s Like Buttons are given on another website. Tracks the browsing history of Facebook users through these Like Buttons. The prosecutor has claimed that it violates US federal and state privacy laws.

However, American District Judge Edward Davila has dismissed the lawsuit in San Jose. According to the judge, the prosecutors have failed to provide such evidence which proves that it has harmed them or how Facebook is doing this.

Judge Davilla wrote, “The web browser of the user himself sends information to both parties. I.e. to Facebook and another website. Such things do not prove that the first party has received the communication details of the users from the second party.

The judge said that if the bidders wish they could keep their browsing history private. He said that using the Digital Advertising Alignment Opt Out Tool or Incognito mode can do so.

It is worth noting that the case is five years old and before that the judge had dismissed the case. In 2011, Nick Curelovic, a security blogger from Australasia, first found that Facebook tracks users even after logging out.

According to Guardian, Facebook engineer Greg Stefanik made it clear that for security reasons, Facebook has cookies stores, because by doing so, another user can not hit the real account. But the company does not use this cookie to sell anyone’s information or to the third party website.

Facebook’s spokesperson said this decision of the court that we are very happy with this decision.

The lawyer of the prosecutor for the time has not issued any statement on this.


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