The evidence that the Ransomware named Malware has cyber-attacks to earn money all over the world, has given evidence of very low amount of money to the cyber criminals who have run the Ransomware, so that the group, which has been cyber-attacking, will have obviously got into thinking. . Cyber ​​experts have researched and learned that the 3 bitcoin addresses are being received in the money. In the last 3 days, only 240 transactions have been received from all over the world. Out of this, only about US $ 62,000 (that is, about 43 lac rupees) could be found in these cyber criminals, which is much less than their expectations.

We has got answers to all these questions by talking to a team doing research on this topic, where and how, of this Ransomware started.

Ransomware is a cyber attack that has created a blow to cyber space in nearly 99 countries around the world. Speaking in the language of computer, this Ransomware became a cause for concern to all, by locking your computer through a malware and a phishing email, and threatening to delete the data, to generate revenue from you. The people behind this cyber attack believed in doing so and would earn millions and billions of rupees. But in reality it has not happened so far. The cyber research team, Sinkletcher, has discovered that in the last three days, these people have got only 36 bitcoins, which cost around Rs 43 lakh.

The biggest malware attack on the world’s cyber space

If those experts believe that this is the biggest malware attack on the world’s cyber space. It is being told that the cyber attack started in March 2017 when a group called ‘SHADOW BROKER’, located on Dark Net, leaked to the US National Securities Agency’s Tool Cyber Space. By using this leak, another Criminalus Group created the RanSoftware and spread it to the world on May 13.

Learn how dark net and cyber criminals do this

Cyber ​​Expert Akshay told about Dark Net and Ransomware that these Cyber ​​Criminals demanded 300-600 US dollars to open the lock and asked to give the money till May 19 and threatened to delete the data if not done. . The cyber expert around the world is busy searching for solutions and appealing not to give money. At the same time, the attack has also targeted the government offices along with large companies, although its impact in India has not yet been seen much.

The makers of Ransomware will have to face frustration so far. But the cyber expert believes that if there is no solution in the next 2-3 days then it is possible that people will start paying on May 18.


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