Last week, it was reported that any type of file will be easily sent to WhatsApp, which the company is rolling slowly. Now news has come that the users of Android Beta are getting a new (media bundling) feature and there is also a change in the call screen.

According to Android Police News, Android’s WhatsApp beta users said that there has been a slight change in the manner in which the sender and the receiver both send the photo. Now when the seller is sharing photos then he is not going as before and going to the bundle. As before, different photos are not visible.  i.e. the option to send multiple photos has been refined.


Apart from this, another update has been received, in which WhatsApp will not have to swipe in the side to swipe the call during the call screen, but swipe to the side above.

Although it has not come in our eyes, and it is now in the testing phase. In such a situation, nothing can be said about how long this feature will reach the users. However, after the freedom to share files of any kind, it will be easier for users of the app to get into the WhatsApp app.


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