The micro blogging website Twitter has made a big difference. If you use the Twitter app, now it will look completely changed. Especially in the iPhone, a lot of changes have been made. Many small changes have been made in the app, for example, the icon of the retweet has been sharpened in advance.

Navigation has been simpler and profile photo has now been rounded from Square. If you use Linked In Use then it is the same. A new tab is added to the iOS app that can swipe to see your profile.

Although these changes in profile layout were first made for Android smartphones last year. But considering the good response, the company has also brought this feature to iOS.

Changes to the fonts also have been made and headlines will be bold. In order to reply someone to the bottom of the tweet, the curved arrow is now replaced with the speech bubble.

ReTweet will get live updates. For example, looking at a tweet that is constantly being tweeted, you will not need to refresh the page and you will see real time tweet. Similar sounds will also appear in counts.

After this change in Twitter, users are showing anger on Twitter. Most of these users say that Twitter should give a tweet editing feature as it is in Facebook. People have been expecting it for a long time, but it did not happen.


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