Being a Admin of WhatsApp & Facebook Group Is Now Dangerous Feature 2

WhatsApp Group’s admin has been arrested. You have already heard such stories before. But if you are an Administrator of WhatsApp Group, be careful. Because if you find objectionable messages in your group you may be arrested.

Being a Admin of WhatsApp & Facebook Group Is Now Dangerous Feature 2

If you have created a group on Facebook and WhatsApp and you do not know what kind of posts are being shared in that group, then be aware. Because the offensive videos, posts and fake news are being constantly shared on the groups and this can cause a communal tension. Varanasi district magistrate Yogeshwar Ram Mishra and senior SP Nitin Tiwari have issued a joint order in this case.

According to this order FIR can be lodged on any Facebook and Whatsapp group administrator if misleading and fake posts are being posted in the group. The administrator should take action against such a post and remove the deceptive news from his group. Not just those who are posting news in the member group, they should be removed.

In this order it has been said, “If the group admin is negligent, in such a situation, the administrator will be held guilty and action may be taken against him. The deceptive post should be reported in the nearest police station.

Significantly, WhatsApp has 200 million users in India. Now after this matter, Group Admins will definitely increase the responsibility and they will have to include most people in the group whom they know.


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