You Can Reset Lost Passwords Of Other Website Using Facebook

Social media giant Facebook has announced several things in its annual developer conference F8. Among these, the most specialized Augmented Reality and Virtual reality-based program. But with this, Facebook has made an announcement that will change the experience of password recovery in the future.

Usually, this may happen many times with you when you have forgotten the password for one of your accounts. To recover, you have to use the register email id or register the phone number. But what if you use Facebook to recover your bank account password? Obviously you might be wondering how it would be CASO and how tight it would be.

Facebook is developing a way to recover the password, under which any password of any online account will be recovered through a Facebook profile. Facebook has released a software and at the moment it has been given to the developers so that it can be improved.

Facebook’s security engineer Brad Hill has said that email is not actually designed like a secure system and there are many big challenges even after countless updates.

Software collaboration site GitHub has been offering people the option of recovering their accounts through Facebook since January. In the F8 conference, Facebook has expanded the scope of this software and released it for other developers and companies. Once the companies develop this tool in their website, then they can apply for Facebook Reception Program for Facebook Beta.

For example, if you have forgotten your bank account password. Now that you have to reset the password, you click the Forget password link on the bank’s website. On clicking here, instead of email ID, the page will directly redirect you to a profile to check your identity.

After this processor, Facebook will send digital token to your bank who will confirm that it is your bank account. These tokens will be encrypted so you will be used for the same service for which you want to log in.


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