Google’s mobile operating system Android has left behind Microsoft’s Windows. According to the report of the St Counter, Android has become the world’s number one platform using the Internet while defeating Windows.

In March, Android claimed to have a market share of 37.93%, while Windows Market share was only 37.91%. That is, Android has defeated Windows in this case by just 0.02 percent.

According to this new data, people now use Android more than Windows OS to run the Internet.

If you pay attention to this figure, you will find that most people running the internet in Asia use Android. Because there is 52.2 percent internet usage on Android, while only 29.2 percent of people use the internet on Windows.

Although people use Windows more than Android to run the Internet in North America and Europe.

CEO of Stats Counter said in a statement, “Since 1980 Microsoft’s leadership in the world has ended with its leadership”

However Windows is still King. Because the mobile internet access is removed, still the Windows operating system has 84 percent market share.

Apple’s operating iOS phone for iPhone and iPad is the third popular operating system in the world. Its market share is 13.09 percent.

It is worth mentioning that this statistic count is based on 15 billion pageviews on 2.5 million websites per month.

This is the first time Windows has been overcome. It is clear from this figure that people are getting faster on the smartphone from the computer.


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