On the day the Android smartphone users fall prey to any malicious malware. There are reports again that around 6 million Android users are in the grip of malware. According to cyber security firm Check Point, this malware is in mobile game and it acts as a remote access to the attackers. It also works to generate revenue for hackers.

Cyber Security firm has published a report mentioning this malware called False Guide which has been uploaded to many Android apps available on Google Play Store. This is a kind of dangerous code that is designed to steal users’ information.

Check Point has said that in February also False Guide was uploaded to Google Play Store. The most serious problem is that this malware is being spread as a guide to popular games like Pokemon Go, FIFA and World of Tanks. This security firm has exposed Google to this. The company has removed an app in which this malware was detected from the Play Store. Earlier even Google had removed this malware.

Surprisingly, the user has downloaded such applications more than 50 thousand times.

Significantly, the game guides app is downloaded in large quantities from the Google Play Store and they are also popular. In this way, users download malware and unknowingly install malware in their smartphone and the information can be stolen.

Such malware is not usually detectable because they are hidden and are only visible when the app is downloaded. Many times after downloading it does not appear until you open this app. Obviously, when installing any app, users have to give multiple permissions. In such a case, malware starts to do its job by misusing it.

We recommend that you avoid installing the app without a verified publisher.


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